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Victorian Grain Logistics Taskforce

The Grain Logistics Taskforce was established with the specific objective to provide recommendations to Government on how to improve the transport of grain from the point of production to the port and for domestic use.

The grain industry has undergone enormous change in the last few years and the challenges of moving last year's harvest highlighted the need to improve the efficiency and capacity of the grain supply chain. The purpose of the taskforce is to work with industry on addressing these concerns.

The taskforce is made up of representatives from key industry organisations including grain growers, grain transport and handling, rail transport, road transport and ports.

Victorian Government response to the Grain Logistics Taskforce Report

The Victorian Government Response to Grain Logistics Taskforce Report is a Government response to Taskforce recommendations on improving the grain supply chain. The report provides details of the actions taken to respond to and implement the recommendations.

Grain Logistics Taskforce Report

The Grain Logistics Taskforce report (PDF, 2.2 MB, 32 pp.) provides key recommendations and initiatives to improve handling of the growing grain freight task, for consideration by Government.

Recommendations contained in the report include:

  • The Victorian Government support the recommendations of the Federal Export Certification reform process which enable ship surveys to be conducted at anchor.
  • Identify the differences in truck weight regulations between Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia and harmonise where possible.
  • Maintain the Grain Logistics Taskforce in order to provide a forum for continuous review of harvest management plans and supply chain improvements.
  • The Victorian Government support the campaign by local governments for continuation of the Federal Government's Roads to Recovery program beyond 2014.

Taskforce members

  • ABA Grain
  • Port of Portland
  • GrainCorp
  • Pacific National
  • Victorian Farmers Federation
  • Victorian Transport Association

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