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Why Victoria is trialing electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are a natural fit for Victoria. They are cheaper to run, less polluting, innovative, and better suited to the way we drive every day.

Most of our trips are short – dropping the kids at school, doing the shopping, driving to work, visiting friends. In fact, the average distance we drive in a day is 40km. Electric vehicles will take you 100-150 km on one charge.

If you are an ordinary Victorian driver, most of your charging will probably be done overnight. With an electric car you get where you are going – work or home, even the shops – plug in and walk away.

One of the biggest benefits of an electric vehicle is its low running cost. Fuelling and maintaining an electric vehicle is significantly cheaper than running a petrol car.

Electric cars powered from renewable energy emit no greenhouse gases. In Victoria, 16 per cent of our greenhouse gas emissions result from transport activity. To cut these emissions, low emission cars – along with public transport and more walking and cycling – will need to be part of the solution.

Cars are the largest source of air pollution in our cities. More people equals more cars, which creates more traffic congestion – which means more people breathing dirtier air. Electric vehicles (Evs) produce no tailpipe emissions, and no emissions at all when run off renewable energy. The more EVs there are on the road, the cleaner the air.

There is still a great deal of development to happen with electric vehicles. This is a technology in its infancy, and there are plenty of niches where Victorian industries can make their mark.

The state already has businesses manufacturing hybrid and fully electric vehicles. As charging infrastructure rolls out, there will be many opportunities for local innovation. Victoria is one of only 15 places worldwide where a car can be taken from design through to the showroom floor. In the global shift towards EVs, Victoria’s automotive industry will follow, creating jobs and bringing investment to Victoria.