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Investing in Transport report (2008)

Transport expert Sir Rod Eddington was commissioned by the previous Victorian Government to conduct an independent study into improving east-west transport connections across Melbourne. His team carried out extensive research, modelling and analysis.

The final report, Investing in Transport, was released in March 2008.


Investing in Transport: Overview

Cover of the Investing in Transport OverviewThis overview presents a summary of the key findings, analysis and modelling undertaken during the study, as well as the recommendations made to the Victorian Government. A comprehensive discussion of these issues is contained in the main report and in the specialist consultant reports listed below.


Investing in Transport: Main report

Supporting technical documents

The following documents were prepared during the study and date from 2007 and 2008 and are available as reference material only.

Note: due to the complexity of maps in these documents, they may take some time to download.

Environment & heritage


Transport planning & costing

Demographics, social & land use

Commercial & financial

Transport modelling

Public transport