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Public transport fines

This page has information to help people who have received a fine (Infringement Notice) on Melbourne's public transport system and railway station car parks.

Please refer to the Internal review page for information on how to request the review of a fine.

Information on this page

On-the-spot penalty fares

Passengers who are intercepted by Authorised Officers without a valid ticket may be given the option of paying an on-the-spot penalty fare of $75. This will be a 12 month trial.

If a person believes they have a legal defence to travelling without a valid ticket, they should not pay an on-the-spot penalty fare.

More information about on-the-spot penalty fares can be found on the PTV website.

Infringement notices

If you do not elect to take an on-the-spot penalty fare, you will be issued with an infringement notice. 

Paying a fine

You can pay the fine in full:

  • in person at any post office
  • by phone on 1300 303 505
  • on the internet at
  • by mail: detach the payment section of the fine. Send it with a non-negotiable cheque or a money order (do not send cash) to:  Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure GPO Box 2797 Melbourne VIC 3001

What happens if you don't pay

You should not ignore the fine. Failure to pay is likely to result in additional costs and, if the matter progresses to court, may also result in a conviction being recorded against you.  If you are unable to pay the fine by the due date, you may ask for an extension. top

Payment extension

If you are unable to pay a fine by the due date, you may ask for an extension. Please read the information below carefully and then, if you would like to apply for an extension, click on the email link.

Please note:

  • Payment extensions are usually only granted once.
  • A 90 day extension applies.
  • All payment extension requests via email must include the following:
    • Infringement number
    • Name
    • Address (only if changed since offence)
    • Reason for extension
    • Contact number

Email Transport Infringement Administration top

Old and lost fines

Fines older than 28 days

If the Due Date for Payment of your fine has passed, you need to call 1300 135 066. There may be additional costs because the fine has not been paid by the payment date.

Lost fines

Call 1300 135 066 as soon as possible and provide as much information as you can. We will send you a copy of your fine. top

Types of infringements

For a full list of current fines, see Automatic indexation of fees and penalties. The amounts above are effective as at 1 July 2014.

Examples of infringements

Fine for Adult

Fine for Child (under 18)

Making a journey without a valid ticket



Smoking in a carriage or public transport premises (including train platforms; tram and bus shelters)






Having your feet on the furniture or fittings






Using indecent or offensive language or gestures



Behaving in a disorderly or offensive manner



Interfering with the doors of a vehicle



Travelling with part of your body outside a vehicle in motion




Holders of student concession cards

Holders of eligible primary and secondary student concession cards who are detected travelling on a concession ticket but are not carrying their concession card, will be issued with an infringement notice.  However, that infringement notice may be cancelled on appeal if it is the person's first penalty for this offence and they can subsequently send a photocopy of the front and back of their concession card to: Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure GPO Box 2797 Melbourne VIC 3001. This opportunity will be only granted for a first offence. Students subsequently found travelling without a valid concession card will be subject to a penalty. top

Revenue from fines

Revenue from fines is returned to State Government consolidated revenue.  As public transport operators employ most Authorised Officers, an administration fee per fine is paid to the operators to help cover costs incurred in the ticket enforcement process. top